Jason Dorsey - Private Speech Summary Video - and bonus resources for you!

Hi Friends! Thank you for a great event! As promised, here is a highlight video with some of my favorite insights from my core generational presentation. And, yes, I recorded it in one take!

If you enjoyed my core generations presentation, you'll love my one- to three-hour custom, interactive programs. These in-depth programs focus on how-to strategies, real-time problem-solving, group activities, and practical solutions you can implement immediately.

If an in-depth program sounds great to you, reach out to Emily for all the info and to check availability: Emily@GenHQ.com or (512) 259-6877 You and I would work together to customize the program to be a perfect fit.

Btw- You're 100% welcome to share the summary video with your team, friends, and family(!). Just please don't share it online publicly. I wanted to give you as much content as possible, including the free bonuses below :)

Want to connect and hear about my latest discoveries and solutions? Connect with me on LinkedIn. It's where I answer questions and share our latest research discoveries: linkedin.com/in/jasondorsey

Want to order Zconomy for yourself or your team? Zconomy was a Top 10 Book of the Year by Forbes.com and is packed with step-by-step actions to solve Gen Z recruiting, retention, and communication challenges as well as unlock their potential as consumers. You can read all the reviews and order it here: amazon.com/Zconomy-Jason-Dorsey/dp/0062970291/

***BONUS RESOURCES FOR YOU - State of Gen Z Studies and Two Book Chapters***

As promised, below are extra bonus resources for you to enjoy and share. All of these will download directly by clicking on the URL link. Just click the link. No sign up.

Here is a link to the first two chapters of Zconomy. These are the chapters that provide the foundation for understanding Gen Z: hubs.ly/Q01dZb1g0

- State of Gen Z as Employees and Workforce Trendsetters: hubs.ly/Q018B5yP0

- State of Gen Z as Consumers and their Perspective on Personal Finance: hubs.ly/Q018B4Kh0

- State of Gen Z and their Attitude About The Future: hubs.ly/Q018B5g40

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Instagram: instagram.com/jason_dorsey

Thank YOU for the important work YOU do and all the people you help. Denise, Rya, myself, and the entire CGK Team are grateful to you! I look forward to working on an event or research study with you!

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